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Current Conditions

3/30/17  -   Tails 11, 1 and 4 were groomed today. 2" fresh snow at 10 mile at 0600. 4-6" at lake level and above. Snow is getting a little thin at 10 mile but plenty just out of the lot. Lots of untracked real estate up in the play areas. Trails are in good shape. Tom


3/29/17  -  I don't have a current conditions report to post this morning but I would like to pass on a little information that I learned at last night's meeting.  Bob Keller has been our grooming chairman since 2004 and Bob reports that our club has groomed more miles than in any other year since he has been the chairman.  He also reports that, much like giving the keys of the family car to a teenager for the first time, he has passed the keys to the groomer to a brand new operator this season.  Larry Nickelson joins Bob, Ivan, Gary and Tom as the newest member of our grooming team and has now been cleared to operate grooming missions as the sole pilot.  Grooming operations had been suspended for a couple weeks as the warm weather made it impossible for the team to make improvements on the trail conditions, however that warm weather is in our rear view mirror now and operations are back in full swing.  We have also received permission from the Forest Service to extend our grooming season (which usually ends at the end of March) into the second week of April and if the snow continues to add up we will ask for another extension after that.  I have passed on to the grooming team that their reports are highly anticipated by our trail users and have also mentioned to them that you are interested in seeing the current weather conditions, temperature range, how much new snow, how much trail usage, how much total snow, which trails have been groomed, off-trail conditions, access road conditions, parking lot conditions, access conditions to the good stuff and any other information that they see fit to pass on.  Be sure to thank them for all they do if you see them out on the trails!!!


3/24/17  -  Today I groomed trails 1, 65, 2, and 7. Temp was 32° this morning, snowing litely!

Thanks Nick


3/10/17  -   Groomed 11, lower 4 to the first play area and back on 1. 4 was in pretty good shape, 4-6 inches of new snow since the last pass of the groomer. Not much traffic up there. Tom



DAY AND DATE: 3/6/17   TIME: 8:00 PM   TEMPERATURE: 23

SNOW CONDITIONS: 3” new at 10 mile, 1 ½ ft up high

TRAILS GROOMED: 1-4-48-11   BY:  Ivan Katter


DAY AND DATE: 3/5/17       TIME: 6:00 PM     TEMPERATURE: 25

SNOW CONDITIONS: 3”-4” new at upper trail 2, dusting at 10 mile

TRAILS GROOMED: 1-2-5-6-7-11-65       BY:  Ivan Katter

3/3/17  -  Today I groomed trails 1, 65, 11, lower 2, lower 4.  34 deg and snowing at ten mile. 3-4 inches of new above lake levels and snowing hard. Snow is holding up nice up high.  Gary T. (rescue coordinator)
3/3/17  -   Groomed trails 1,6,7,4,48 and 11 on Wednesday. On Thursday I groomed  1,3 and 5 and then had to haul ass for the shop so that I could go rescue a couple of dummys on snow bikes.😅



TRAILS GROOMED: 1-2-11   BY:  Ivan Katter

3/28/17  -   1:00 PM  TEMPERATURE: 23   SNOW CONDITIONS: 3-4” new  
TRAILS GROOMED: 1-4-3-11  BY:  Ivan Katter
3/23/17  -   I went up and groomed 1, 4, & 11 today. They have about 4-6 inches of new above lake levels, lots of good snow. 22 degrees and snowing hard up high.  Sunshine and a inch of new in the parking lot.
2/22/17  -  Rider's Report:  We did some off trail riding on Tuesday 2/21/17 and the snow below 6300' was very much like wet concrete ... still a lot of fun but you didn't want to get stuck because it would set up immediately and make even the simplest stuck sled a project to free up.  We rode out onto the Surveyor lava flow, rode the hill climb on Kawak and did a lot of tree riding up by Topso on the way back to Trail #2.  The snow up top was much lighter  and deeper and we used it for all  it was worth as we came down the Hotsprings lava flow.  As of this afternoon, Wednesday 2/22/17, the road and the parking lot are in great shape ... but I can't say that for the last few days as it has been rather harrowing to navigate the last couple miles to get up to Ten Mile.
2/20/17  -   Tonight trails 11, 4, 48 and 1 were groomed. 8 '' fresh snow up top. 
2/15/17  -  Looks like we have a groomer back on the snow ....  Yesterday, trails 11, 1, 5, 2 were groomed.
2/3/17  -  Yesterday, trails 11, 2 , 5, 6, 7 and 1 were groomed.  Today upper 1, 4, 48, 80, 64 were groomed.  1.5 " fresh snow up top, but 35 degrees and slushy at 3:30 when I left 10 mile today. Not much usage on the trails this week. Tom
2/1/17  -   Today, Tom Deeter groomed trails 1, lower 4 and 11 and a total of 1" new snow at the junction of 4 and 48.  Bob Keller also reports that, for the first time in four years, trail 121 is groomed all the way down from it's intersection with trail 120 and the rest of the trail system, to the La Pine Cemetery at the east end of Reed Road.
1/27/17  -   Today groomed trail 1 out to trail 80 and 11 were groomed. No new snow.  Tom Deeter
DAY AND DATE: 1/23/17    TIME: 1:00 PM

TEMPERATURE: 28     SNOW CONDITIONS:  TRAILS GROOMED: 1-11-2-5-6-7    BY:  Ivan Katter


DAY AND DATE: 1/22/17     TIME: 8:00 PM

TEMPERATURE: 30     SNOW CONDITIONS:    TRAILS GROOMED: 1-11-4-3    BY:  Ivan Katter

 1/20/17  -   Today trails 1, 3, 5, 2 and 11 were groomed. 4" of fresh snow at the junction of 1 and 2. Temperatures have remained below freezing above 6 mile, the roads and lots are in great shape. Tom
1/19/17  -   Trails 11, 4, 48, 7, 6 and 1 were groomed today. 6- 8 " of fresh snow at lake level and above. Tom
1/14/17 -  Trails 1, 4 and 11 were groomed last night. No new snow but it looked like a lot of people had fun. Tom
1/9/17  -  10:00 PM  -   Ivan groomed this morning and did trails #1,11,3,5,2. I groomed the second shift and did trails # 1,11,64,80,48,lower 4.         It was snowing hard and there must be another foot of fresh up above lake levels. Gary Tingey
1/8/17  -  7:30 PM  -  I groomed trails #11, 4, 48, 7, 6, 1. Snow is holding up above lake levels, snowed all day and there is alot of deep powder. Hwy to 10 mile is plowed and the parking lot is plowed out as well.  Gary Tingey
 1/7/17  -  10:00 PM  -  Trail 1 was groomed out to China Hat Red.  Appx. 8-10 inches fresh snow at the junction of 1 and 4. 6-8 at lake level. 
Tom Deeter
 DAY AND DATE: 1/5/17     TIME: 7:00 PM     TEMPERATURE: 5      SNOW CONDITIONS: No new

TRAILS GROOMED: 1-11-5-6-7-65-2       BY:  Ivan Katter

1/4/17  -   TIME: 4:00 PM    TEMPERATURE: 10     SNOW CONDITIONS: 4” @ 10 mile, More than a foot up high.

TRAILS GROOMED: 1-11-4-48-upper 80        BY:  Ivan Katter

1/2/17  -  TIME: 1:00 PM    TEMPERATURE: 29     SNOW CONDITIONS: 10” NEW    TRAILS GROOMED: 1-4-11     BY:  Ivan Katter
1/1/17  PM Report  -   Hello Riders, We groomed 11, 80, 121 and 120. Cleaned up the lot at 6 mile. Road was plowed today. About 6" - 8" fresh snow at 10 mile, a little less down lower. Was snowing when we left at 3:30. Tom Deeter, groomer extraordinaire
1/1/17  -   Good morning riders, I forgot last night, but here is yesterdays report. Tiller was put back on the groomer and 1 out to 80 and 11 was groomed. No change in snow conditions. Heading up now and I will give you a report later. Both 6 and 10 mile were full yesterday. Tom Deeter, groomer extraordinaire
12/29/16  -   This morning I groomed trails 1, 65, 2, 121 and 120. No new snow, still cold and deep with no bottom off trail.  Tom Deeter
12/27/16  -   I groomed 1,2,11 today ... nice snow and lots of it. Gary Tingey
Club Ride Report - Five of us showed up for today's ride and we rode 11 to 4 to 64 and then did some playin at the well sites and some boondockin alongside 64 to get down to 80.  This area was untouched and deep and soft!!  ... Lotsa fun!!  We headed up to to the bottom of Box Canyon Hill Climb but had several stucks along the  way and decided it wasn't worth it.  The lava field, and probably the hill climb too , has some bottomless holes in it till the snow settles a bit more.  There were lots of rocks just below the surface unless you stuck to the trees going in there.  There has been a wheeled vehicle that has 80 torn up pretty good right after the end of the 9735 road against the North Paulina Road.  It doesn't last too long though and hopefully this new snow will fill in those ruts or the groomer will get out there and take care of it pretty soon.  We rode 48 back up the hill where we encountered several drifts and blowing snow.  We did some more playin up top where the snow is much better than it is down low.  The margaritas at Todd and Karen's were great as usual ... where they are open daily through this Sunday, January 1st!


DAY AND DATE: 12/23/16   TIME: 4:00 PM    TEMPERATURE: 29     SNOW CONDITIONS: Foot of new     TRAILS GROOMED: 1-4-11-48-64-80

12/16/16  10:00 PM  -  Ivan groomed 1, 6, 11, and 2
12/16/16   3:00 PM   -   Groomed 1, 3, 5, and 7 this morning, Ivan is now on the swing shift and will be getting 1, 7, 2, and 11. Been snowing most of the day. Road is being plowed right now and boy-howdy did it ever need it 😀   Gary
I rode a bit yesterday but I was by myself so didn't do anything too daring.  I just rode up the road to Todd and Karen's and then rode from there up to about the Horse Camp.  Midstate had been through there with their small cat to check the power lines but there were no other tracks of any kind past the peak road.  I ran into Gary and Jim in the groomer heading up #4.  I mostly rode in the ditches and it was handle-bar deep, almost too much for me on my bike.  I was glad to have that Midstate track to be able to jump back into even on the main road.  It was warming up a bit and I'm sure that will help settle the snow.  Karen tell me that they will be open Saturday and Sunday for lunch.    Jack
12/15/16  -   I groomed trails #1, #4, #11. Great snow and lots of it. Gary
12/14/16  -  Finally another grooming report to post, this one from Gary Tingey:   Yesterday I did trails 1, 11, 65, 2, great snow
12/8/16  at 10:25 AM    -  Ivan and Bob groomed yesterday and did trails # 1,3,5,6,7,11. Gary and Ivan are heading up to do # 4.
and then at 3:25 PM    -  Gary Tingey and Ivan groomed trails #1,  #4, #11. Lots of good stuff.  Still no base but trails are packed pretty good.
12/7/2016  -  From Gary Tingey (GROOMER EXTRAORDINAIRE) : groomed trails #11, #1, #2. still no base but lots of snow for trail riding. as much as 3-4 feet at the junction of #1 & upper #2. Hwy was plowed again yesterday and we cleaned out the parking lot. Thanks, Gary
12/6/16  From Gary Tingey:  We started grooming yesterday and we are using a new implement called a packer bar. It does just that and packs the snow. Leaves a ok trail. I was able to get trails #11, #1, and part way down from upper #2 when i started loosing coolant and had to turn around and gimp back to the shop. Nothing major and will have fixed this am and back at it today. Last night there was well over two feet above lake levels and snowing hard. No real good base anywhere so off trail will still be dicey. Based on what i see here this morning at home i would imagine they got at least another 6+ inches overnight. Will update you once finished tonight. Thanks, Gary
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