Grooming Reports

1/13/19, Bob groomed Trails #1, 6, and 11. Trails are holding up good with the cold weather.  Grooming will be very limited later this week as our new Pisten Bully will be attending the OSSA Convention at Diamond Lake.
DATE: 1/11/19,



TRAILS GROOMED: 1 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 11


Ivan Katter groomed on 1/11/19 Trail # 1, 3, 6, 7 & 11.

Coming down, the snow starts getting soft on Trail #1 where #11 joins it.



DATE: 1/7/19



TRAILS GROOMED: 1 - 4 - 11




1/4/19  -  Tonight trails 1 and 4 were groomed.  Need more snow !!!!   
1/3/19  -  I think it may be too warm and thin for grooming right now but I do have a first hand ride report for your viewing pleasure … 

I Took a ride today about 11am.  #1 is OK,  #2 has  a couple of fallen trees on the eastern end  (cut one with my hand saw and moved it enough to let people by, but the groomer is going to have to use a chainsaw.)     Intersection 316 has been destroyed by a 4x4 truck, and the sign is missing.  #11 is really whooped from tree shadows.  40 degrees and sunny when we left at 1pm.



1/2/19  -  Tonight trails 1, 11 and 64 were groomed. 64 was groomed down to the intersection of the geothermal site road. The snow was getting thin at that point. Probably could still ride on but not enough coverage for the groomer. 



1/1/19  -  Last night trails 1, 6 and 7 were groomed. No new snow. 


12/20/18 - Bob did Trail #1 and the Peak - temps were in the teens, not much new snow. Lots of riders during the day for very used trails.

12/31/18 - Tom Deeter is doing Trail #1 out to Trail #7 at East Lake, Trail #7, Trail #6.

1/1/19 - Tom is planning on doing Trail #64 for the first time this year.

Tom is our solo Groomer this week - we are now moving into a Weekly Grooming Routine.


We are getting close to 300 miles on our new Bison Groomer. We're all enjoying our Sirius Radio!

Sunday AM, Dec. 30th  -   

DAY AND DATE: 3/6/17

TIME: 8:00 PM


SNOW CONDITIONS: 3” new at 10 mile, 1 ½ ft up high


BY:  Ivan Katter


Saturday, Dec. 29  -  First hand riding report by Dennis Wallen: lots of groomed trails that were fast and smooth.  Riding in the woods was doable but definitely was having some contact with submerged wood.   We played on the hill climb through the trees between North Paulina Peak and the lava flow on the north side and churned up some sticks but had fun doing it.  Riding on some of the rocky areas was also doable but tried to keep the carving as shallow as possible.  We tracked up the tea cups area pretty well without breaking anything.  Cinder hill had some bare spots as we headed over to The Dome.  After playing around in the gravel pit we headed off through the trees to climb the east side of The Dome.  We rode back into Hell Hole and spent some time climbing the banks without carving too deep into the extremely soft snow.  We rode up into The Rollercoaster as far as the turn to go back into the Green Bowl and there was plenty of snow but had to keep on our toes for rocks.  Plenty of fun to be had up there but, of course,  needs more snow.

Friday, December 28  - Today trails 1, 2, 5, 11 and 65 were groomed. Good snow throughout and snowing when we left.   


Thurs. December 27  -  Bob Groomed Trails #s120, 121, 2 & 1 - Very cold weather in the teens. Good snow.

A lot of riders today.


December 26 Bob Keller Groomed Trails #1, 3 & 11 - snowing in the upper 20's.




Groomed trails 1 out to 80 an made it around 4. Trail 4 is a little light on snow on the lower end but the top end is in good shape. 4 - 6" of new snow up on top. The north play area is pretty much covered now all that is missing is snowmobile tracks. Merry Christmas  


Bob Groomed Trail #1 to #3 and up to the Peak.

Back Trail #1 to #2 - north to Trail #11 - back to the Grooming Shop
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