SOS Page

This page will list members of the Lodgepole Dodgers who are willing and able to assist in case of emergency on our trail system.  This page is easily accessible to the general public on our website without any need to log-in or otherwise register.  It is available directly to those that may need assistance, it's available to friends and family of those who may need assistance and it's available to the local Deschutes County Search and Rescue teams.  The volunteers on this list know that a call for assistance may come at any time of the day or night.  Please use this contact list for emergencies only and do not use this list in lieu of contacting authorities in the case of emergencies that pose an immediate life or safety threat.
Jay Chappel            541-977-7480 
Ben Phillips            971-678-6001


Zach Johnson        541-420-2663


Jack Reynolds       541-915-3190


Fred Webb              541-593-2135


Steve Dieckhoff      541-420-2662


Mike Mc Millan        907-980-1405